Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Irish Charm

I never got a chance to study in the UK and I used to listen with lots of envy when my siblings talk about the many places they had been in the UK. Since they both studied in Nottingham and London respectively, they took the opportunity to travel around England and Scotland whenever they had holidays. However, I was surprised to know that they had never been to Ireland.

Recently, on my trip to London, I chanced upon an advertisement in the papers left on the tube. It was a fantastic deal on Ireland Hotels from Dublin Hotels to Cork Hotels and Belfast Hotels. The advertisement sold Dublin tremendously as a wonderful destination to visit filled with all kinds of wonderful attractions. The other places of interest were Cork and Belfast which featured quaint little bars and pubs and has a wonderful unspoilt atmosphere as it is not a popular tourist destination. I hope to visit Ireland someday. Maybe when I have enough funds to do so.

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