Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Land of the LOTR

My relatives live in New Zealand and have been asking us to go visit them for quite a while already. In fact, my parents were actually planning a trip there some time next year and have asked us to start helping them look for good prices on flights and hotels. They are planning to cover as much of New Zealand as they can so I was pleased as punch when I came across this great site called Cheaperthanhotels that offered fantastic prices on Hotels in New Zealand. They covered hotels in both the North and South Island and had really good deals on Hotels in Wellington as well as Hotels in Christchurch. I know my parents would love Christchurch as the scenery there is said to be akin to that of England. Although my relatives live in Auckland they have also decided to stay in Hotels in Auckland as they do not really want to impose on my relatives plus have their own freedom to move around. I would love to go with them on this trip however it looks like it will be a very expensive one especially with the strength of the NZ Dollar!

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