Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Spanish Adventure

Unlike my siblings, I have hardly ever been to Europe and used to listen enviously to their stories about Spain and beautiful Barcelona. The bf also makes several trips there throughout his course of work and would always tell me about the wonderful food, great weather, friendly people and beautiful scenery. He usually gets to stay in nice Barcelona Hotels while he’s traveling there as it is on his company account. That’s really good for him as hotels can cost quite a bit in Spain especially when calculated in Euros. The other place that he sometimes goes to is Ramblas and he has also stayed in some good Ramblas Hotels there thanks to Cheaperthanhotels.com which gave his company a fantastic rate on hotels. I should start saving up for my own trip there especially since I would definitely like to stay in nice luxurious and comfortable Barcelona Hotels! Spanish readers may access great rates for Barcelona Hoteles right here too!

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