Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Play Poker

I remember my last trip to London. It was just a couple of months ago and I went before I came onboard this new company. It was almost like a farewell trip for me and so I felt less pressure and had a bit more time to run around the place. One thing I noticed was that the little casinos that used to be all over London were now gone. There used to be little shops with slot machines and poker machines and were usually filled with old retirees who were bored and wanted a idyllic afternoon gambling and playing poker. My friend told me that with the rise of the internet, online poker was becoming a lot more popular now. It provided the convenience for people to play from the comfort and security of their own home. Plus, great sites such as Compokers provided excellent poker information online. It includes complete details of the game rules, history, pro players profiles and all kinds of information any beginner or expert poker player might want to know more of. However, I felt that it has taken away, somewhat, the charm of little London town.

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