Thursday, 19 July 2007

Lost in Penang

I used to go to Penang with my family as a child, mainly on a gastronomic adventure as Penang was so famous for their food! We used to make annual trips up there simply to feast on their delicious specialties from morning to night! We knew where the famous char kuey teow was, where one of the best island's lor mee could be found and where to find my absolute favourite, Penang rojak!

However, when I recently went to Penang last weekend, I realised that it has been many years since I've been back. We stopped going up when the distance got too far and we realised that most of the food could be found in KL. I wanted very badly to bring J to try one of the best mee goreng mamak but we got hopelessly lost as I couldn't find my bearings. Luckily a quick call to his friend and many directions from locals got us back on the right track and soon we were tucking into freshly fried noodles, hot from the wok!

Penang might be an island but it isn't that tiny an island!

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