Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Off to Visit Family in NZ!

My relatives migrated to New Zealand, together with my grandmother, several years ago. My parents have been planning a trip there to visit them for some time already and since I’m the family travel agent, my dad asked for me to help them plan a good itinerary and to help him look for Cheap Hotels in Auckland since my relatives are staying in Auckland. His plan was to tour the South Island before heading up to the North Island to spend some family time with the relatives.

I’ve heard that there are heaps to do in New Zealand and the scenery there is simply amazing. I told my dad I’ll help him look for reasonable Hotels in Christchurch as a visit there is a must to see the lovely little town that so resembles a part of England. I’ve also been told that a visit to Wellington should not be missed and so I’ll be looking for Hotels in Wellington too. I do hope they manage to fit in a glacier walk too in South Island before heading up north to Auckland which is fondly called as the City of Sails. My cousins have told me that there’s lots to see in Auckland and the Auckland Harbour is one of the nicest parts of the city. I’m sure my parents will have a fantastic trip there, driving around the countryside!

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