Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Penang Quickie

Last weekend I took a quick trip to Penang as J had some stuff to attend to. Before we started, I didn't realise that his car was having some problems with the radiator until we were on the highway. Halfway through, the car temperature started shooting up and we had to pull over to let it cool. Luckily our highways have professional help in the form of PLUS Ronda who answered our distress call and came to our rescue in approximately half an hour. They came in a truck with lights and cones but unfortunately weren't very sure what the problem was. However, a trick which I learnt from a previous mechanic was to leave the radiator cap off and to drive like that with stops to top up the water.

Thank goodness for this trick which brought us to Penang and back again safely! So, now you know what to do when your radiator overheats!

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