Friday, 20 July 2007

Traveling to Singapore

When I was planning my trip down to Singapore, I was surprised to see so many luxury coaches available nowadays. Previously, the only way down was by the transnational coaches plying the KL-Singapore route, some in buses that had seen better days. Of course having to take them from dirty and grubby Pudu Bus Station was another big turnoff. Not only did you have to battle your way into town but you had to put up with the filth and danger of pick-pockets there.

Now, with new luxury coaches such as Aeroline, Airebus and First Coach, travelers are indeed spoilt for choice. For a small premium, Aeroline and Airebus leave from swanky city hotels or convenient locations like the mall while First Coach leaves from its Bangsar office which is a mere walk from the LRT station. These buses have big comfortable business class type seats like how airlines do and provide refreshments on the 5 hour trip down. With the time to go down and the lack of hassle, taking the bus now is definitely a much better idea than flying! And that premium is a small price to pay for the comfort that is enjoyed.

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